Q1: How do I access my textbooks?

The students are using digital textbooks. These can be accessed directly on their iPad. If there is a problem with the iPad, the textbooks can be accessed on any other Internet enable device (Computer, Table). Please refer to the Textbooks page to find out how to access your textbooks.

Q2: How do I take notes for my classes?

You should take notes in whatever format is most comfortable, most efficient, and most effective for you. For some students, this might be using an app such as Notability and for others, this might be taking notes using a spiral notebook.

Q3: How do I backup my work?

You should backup any important files in your Google Drive account. This will store them in the cloud where they are safe. You can store your Pages documents, Explain Everything projects, pictures, and videos there. For your notes in Notability, please setup the Auto Backup process so that all of your notes are automatically backed up into Google Drive.

Q4: How often should I backup my work?

You should back up your files at least once a week.

Q5: An app is not working. What should I do?

First close out the app. If this doesn't work, shut down your iPad and turn it back on. This will correct most problems. If this doesn't work, please see Dr. Wivagg.

Q6: A website is blocked that I need access to. What should I do?

Please email Dr. Wivagg who will evaluate it. Also, you can use other Internet devices to access these blocked sites.

Q7: My iPad is broken and I cannot fix it. What should I do?

Please see Dr. Wivagg, who will issue you a loaner. If your files are backed up, then you should be able to move from iPad to iPad without problems.

Q8: My iPad is out of space. What should I do?

Send any pictures and videos to Google Drive. Then delete them off the iPad. Remember iMovie projects reference the videos in on your iPad so if working on a iMovie project, do not erase these videos.

Q9: My iPad is broken and I can't do my homework. What should I do?

In most situations you should be able to access most of your important content on your home computer or other device that accesses the Internet.

  • Textbooks(See above for links.)
  • Google Drive (All of your important files are backed up here.)
  • Notes from Notability (in your Google Drive)
  • Slide to Learn (Internet Site)

So, you should still be able to do your homework. If your homework involves creating something with the iPad, remember you can still create using paper, poster board, etc... If in doubt, please email your teacher.