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Digital Safety

Keystone is committed to the safety of our students. Keystone will add restrictions to all student-provided iPads to ensure that students have access to only appropriate instructional materials. The Internet will also be filtered both at home and at school.

These are the restrictions added to the student's iPads.

  • The App store is unavailable.

  • The iTunes store is unavailable.

  • Safari is filtered.

  • iMessage is turned off.

  • Facetime is turned off.

  • In-App purchases is turned off.

  • Facebook is turned off.

  • Twitter is turned off.

In addition to the restictions we have added, as parents you will also need to monitor how your child uses the iPad at home. Below are some good tips.

  • Allow your child to use his or her iPad for homework.

  • At any time, ask your child to show you what he or she is doing on the iPad.

  • Do not let your child take the iPad to bed.





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