1:1 iPad Parent FAQs

What grades will receive an iPad?
All middle school students will receive a iPad.

Will this initiative cost extra?
No, parents will not pay any additional costs or fees.

Does my child need to bring his or her iPad to school everyday?
Yes, the iPads will contain some of the textbooks and resources that students need access to in class.

What happens if my child forgets to bring the iPad to school?
There will be several loaner iPads available to students that forget their iPad.

What happens if the iPad is lost or stolen?
The student or parents needs to inform Keystone as soon as possible so that we can inform the police department and provide them with the serial number of the iPad. You will then be charged a $200 fee to replace the iPad.

What is my child's iPad is broken?
As soon as possible, return the iPad to Jennifer Wivagg. You will be issued a replacement. If the damage is deemed to be caused by student negligance, you will need to pay the $100 insurance fee to have it fixed.

How will my child get help with his or her iPad?
An iPad helpdesk will be available to support students and teachers.

Can my child add music or videos to the iPad?
Students will not be allowed to add music or videos to the iPad unless it relates to instruction and is approved by the teacher.

Can my child add apps to the iPad?
No, only Keystone approved apps are added to the iPad. The App store will be unavailable to students.

Will there be student training provided on how to use the iPad?
Yes, the first days of school will focus on how students will use the iPad during the year.

Will inappropriate content be filtered on these iPads?
Yes, iPads will be filtered with the same filtering software used on Keystone computers.

What restrictions will be placed on these iPads?
Yes, the App store andiTunes store will not be added to these iPads. In addition, restrictions can be added to an individual student's iPad at any time if we see a student using the iPad in an inappropriate manner.

Will my child be able to access Facebook and games at school? at home?
No, Facebook will be blocked. Your child will only have access to educational games. We will do our best to block game sites but please inform us if you find your child playing games on his or her iPad.

Can we opt out of the iPad program?
No, we wish for all students to have the same resources and level of instruction.

Will my child have email on the iPad?
Yes, every student will be issued a Keystone email account that he or she can access on the iPad. This will be the student's account until he or she graduates.

Will my child use the iPad all the time at school?
No, the iPad is just another tool for students. There will still be times when students will use physical books and paper and pens. These activities are still important. Classes will be a mixture of digital and traditional activities.

Do I need to buy my child a case?
No, Keystone will provide school-issued cases for the iPads. These cases must be kept on the iPads at all times. This is to ensure the iPad's protection.

Should I buy my child a wireless keyboard?
This is an individual decision that parents must make. Some students prefer using a keyboard and some do not.Teachers will have a set of keyboards for student use.

How will my child send school work to the teachers?
Keystone will be using Google Drive and learning management system apps that allow students to transfer files to their teachers.

Will all of the textbooks be on the iPad?
No, although many of your child's textbooks will be in a digital format on the iPad, there will still be physical copies of some books.

Can my child use his or her own personal iPad instead of the school issued one?
No, your child must use a school-issued iPad because these iPads will have the school-issued content that students needs for their classes.

My child participates in an after-school club, activity, or sport. Who is responsible for the safekeeping of the iPad?
Students are responsible for the safekeeping of the iPad. Whenever possible, we will help students with systems that support keeping the iPads safe during school sponsored activities.

Does my child need an iTunes account?
No, your child does not need an iTunes account. In fact, legally, a child must be at least thirteen years old to create his or her own account.










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