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Google Apps for Education

Students and teachers will use their Google Apps account to create, store, and send work to each other. This is a cloud-based storage solution that will store the student's work securely. Each student already has a Google Account setup.

If a student does not know his or her account information or has forgotten it, please vist the iPad help desk.

Google Apps for Education Core Apps

Google Drive

This is where you will store and access your files. You can also share these files with other students or teachers.

In many apps, you can save your work directly into Google Drive.

Google Docs

A word processor, Google Docs will allow you to create and share documents. You can also work with other students on the same document at the same time.

Use this for writing papers, taking notes, and working on collaborative projects.

Google Presentation

Google's version of PowerPoint, Presentation will let you create, share and collaborate on digital presentations.

Use this for presenting information to others.

Google Spreadsheet

Similar to Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheet allows you to manipulate and calculate data.

Use this to help with calculations, create graphs or charts, or manipulate and analyze large amounts of data.


Access your school email with your Gmail account. You will be able to email students and teachers.

Remember, this email is monitored.

Google Forms

Gather data with Google Forms by creating an online form and having people access it and enter information.

Use this to gather survey data.

Google Sites


Easily create your own website with Google Sites.





Google Drive


Google Sites