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Apps and Resources on Student iPads

Productivity and Creation Apps

Google Drive Google Drive Store files, create collaborative documents
Google Docs Google Docs Create documents
Pages Pages Word processor, similar to Microsoft Word
Keynote Keynote Create presentations, similar to Microsoft PowerPoint
Numbers Numbers Create spreadsheets and graphs, similar to Microsoft Excel
iMovie iMovie Create and edit movies
Garageband Garagebnd Create music
iPhoto iPhoto Store and edit photos
Explain Everything Explain Everything Create screencasts (video tutorials)
Notability Notability Annotate on documents
Book Creator Book Creator Create your own eBooks and share with others
My Homework My Homework Digital homework agenda
Prezi Prezi Create multimedia presentations
Qrafter Qrafter Scan QR codes



Subtext Subtext eBooks
StudySync Study Sync Digital textbook
Popplet Popplet Create mind maps
Mobilibs Mobilibs Madlibs for the iPad



McGraw Hill ConnectED Connect Ed Digital textbook
Algebra Tiles Algebra Tiles  
Numbler Numblers  
Order of Operations Order of Operations  
Area Area  
Ninja Factor Free Ninja Factor Tree  
Long Division Touch Long Division Touch  
Math Snacks Math Snacks  
Ratio Rumble Ratio Rumble  
Minds of Modern Mathematics Minds of Modern Math  
Let's do Mental Maths Let's Do Mental Math  
Orbit Integers Orbit Integers  


Discovery Education Techbook Techbook Digital textbook
Color Uncovered Color Uncovered An interactive book developed by the Exploratorium
Sound Uncovered Sound Uncovered An interactive book developed by the Exploratorium
Soundocope Soundoscope Analyze sounds
Signal Generator Signal Generator Audio test tone app
Decibel 10 Decibel 10 Sound meter
Lightmeter Light Meter Light Meter
NOAA World Radar NOAA Weather Radar Radar
Nasa Space NASA Explore NASA resources
NOAA Weather NOAA Weather Weather from around the world
Kids Discover Extreme Weather Extreme Weather Interactive book about weather
Frequencies Frequencies Explore sound frequencies
Living Earth Living Earth 3D Simulation of weather around the world
Tesla Meter Tesla Meter Magnetometer



Pearson eText Pearson My World Geography textbook
Discovery Techbook Discovery Techbook Textbook
Google Earth Google Earth Explore the world
CIA Factbook CIA Factbook Demographic information about countries



Cargobot Cargobot Logic games
Lightbot Lightbot Logic games
Tinkerbox Tinkerbox Physics puzzle games
Code Academy Code Academy Learn to code



Artsonia Artsonia Store artwork
Morfo Morfo Turn your face into a 3D character
iMotion iMotion Stop-motion video
Tellagami Tellegami Animate your life
Aurasma Aurasma Augmented reality


Miscellaneous Apps

Kindle Kindel eBook reader
Nook Nook eBook reader
iBooks iBooks eBook and PDF reader
Quizlet Quizlet Create flashcards and quizzes for self practice
Khan Academy Khan Academy Academic tutorials
Merriam Webster Merriam Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus